Today’s Twitter Updates

  • Pop Quiz: Who is Indiana’s largest employer? GM? RV Makers? Agriculture? Nope. The answer: Wal-Mart.
  • @iDiCicco Will we be seeing you at the next meetup? #
  • JibJab’s 2008 Review kinda sucks: #
  • U.S to collapse into 6 countries between 09-10. Alaska to really become Putin’s air space:
  • @edeckers Sorry to hear that. You’re what they call a “nimble worker”, with skills capable of getting you another job quickly. #
  • Heywood Banks is one funny dude. #
  • Time for sleep. G’night. #
  • @mitchlee83 Yes. Maybe I do care. #
  • Morning everyone. Assume today will be a good day. Unless, of course, it’s not going to be a good day. #