Today’s Twitter Updates

  • I just stumbled across the British sitcom The IT Crowd: #
  • I have two Apple orders, ordered two days apart, that seem to have been merged into once package. #
  • Back from Meijer with no pennywhistles or moonpies. #
  • What is wrong with Google?! Every website says it will harm my computer. GOOGLE FAIL! #
  • Off to the grocery store for pennywhistles and moonpies. #
  • I just discovered Jing. Now I’m going to bed. #
  • It’s obvious that my desk is just crooked enough that only the pens rolling east notice. #
  • I’m compiling a Design Inspiration Library. #

Today’s Twitter Updates

  • Bill Maher’s Religulous comes out on DVD Feb. 17th. I believe I’ll buy it. Who wants a Religulous Party!? #
  • Installing / Upgrading WordPress 2.7 for a client. #
  • Just shoveled the other half of the driveway. Still no sign of plowed streets. Now it’s snowing again… #
  • The snow was a little disappointing. It only stranded me for a day. Next time, I want a storm warranting the Guard and a State of Emergency! #
  • Not real sure #indy is in “very good shape” as Public Works put it yesterday. #
  • Watched Hancock earlier. It was alright. I guess. Sorta. Not really. No. #

Is Indiana Bluer than California?

It may be sunny and 50 degrees in California, but it’s 23 and snowing in Indiana. Evidently, all this cold is turning Indiana blue(r).

New research from Gallup indicates something totally awesome. Check out this map:

Gallup Map

Check out Indiana! We don’t even make the Top Ten Republican States list anymore. Frankly, it’s good news for Indiana.

Then I read this disturbing story out California:

San Francisco — After a Lutheran school expelled two 16-year-old girls for having “a bond of intimacy” that was “characteristic of a lesbian relationship,” the girls sued, contending the school had violated a state anti-discrimination law.

In response to that suit, an appeals court decided this week that the private religious school was not a business and therefore did not have to comply with a state law that prohibits businesses from discriminating.

This borders on giving private schools the authority to discriminate. Maybe next year Indiana and California ought to switch shades of blue.

Today’s Twitter Updates

  • Not sure how I feel about MacHeads, the Movie: #
  • Updating another website. Let the good files roll… #
  • If’s techs didn’t sound Indian, they sounded New England. FAIL. My midwestern anti-accent ears can’t comprehend. #
  • Some kid went walking through my yard. I HATE THAT. Now all the snow is roughed up and uneven in the back. I like nice even layers. #
  • I just joined LinkedIn. I know, I’m a late bloomer: #
  • My deck table is a mushroom: #
  • Charlie is not amused by snow: #
  • I have a path cleared in the driveway just big enough for the car. Now if only the plows would arrive… #
  • Snow is deeper than my dog. Looks like he’s going to have to hold it. #
  • Snow is deeper than my car. I will not be attending work until my street gets plowed. #
  • #Indy RT b/c it’s funny: Among the 132 reported accidents in Indy: “recklessly-driven lawn mower at 72nd and Fitch Ave.” #
  • Just spent two hours writing my next column for the Salem Leader. I need to get my website updated with these, huh? #
  • Starbucks to stop brewing decaf after noon: #