2010 Goals, Revisited

I usually make a list of goals for each new year. For example, last year I had goals to quit my job and start a new business, gather up 10 new clients before starting said business and work harder than I ever had before, among a few others. I achieved all of my goals last year. So, I’m working in 2010 on a new set that is very ambitious:

  1. Take more pictures (more on that, later)
  2. Start a recurring podcast series
  3. Drink more water (to wart off kidney stones)
  4. Start planning and writing a book (either a memoir of the crazy crap I find myself dealing with or about starting a business as a young entrepreneur.)
  5. Blog more
  6. Actively join a new meetup that I don’t have to be in charge of (see: Refresh)
  7. Gather 50 new clients or achieve an annual net salary of $60,000 – whichever is first
  8. Go to a beach (Northern Indiana is fine – I like to keep my vacation dollars in Indiana)
  9. Read more books (iPad might help)

I’m off to a good start on a lot of these. I’m re-evaluating my Project 365 (gets tough to take a picture in the same house every day). I am drinking more water and I’m being very aggressive and successful in my business marketing without actually spending a dime on advertising.

I’m also well into blogging more and have re-designed my website to serve as a blog and not a “website”. The Justify Studios site takes care of the business end of things for me now.

There’s another item in there to round-out the list, but it’s personal and I’ve redacted it.

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3 thoughts on “2010 Goals, Revisited”

  1. Great post, Justin. Like you, I’m looking at ways of building my small consulting business. Still trying to find new ways of advertising without spending money. Having a hard time with that one.

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