A Day in the Life of Justin Harter

So today I embarked on an interesting little social experiment. Every 15 minutes from 9 am until about now, when I’m posting this before bed, I took a picture of whatever it was I was doing at precisely that moment. Here are those photos (with some commentary for explanation):

The day started with a grocery delivery from PeaPod.

My usual morning check of the news and Twitter.

Working on emails.

Working on my Salem Leader blog (published tomorrow), and my column for the print edition in November.

Working on Jake Hattabaugh’s website.

Going back to edit my Leader blog.

Editing the image together before sending off to the Leader.


Working on a new webpage for a new product for a client.

Continuing to work on a client’s site.

Caught myself looking at the cat at the moment.

Continuing to work on the new page.

Investigating a bug where images were distorted.

Checking the mail.

Finished working on the client’s new page.

Found this photo for the first of what would be six times today (it’s fake, in that it’s not really a result of Hurricane Sandy).

Reading the paper that came in the mail today.

Making lunch — a warm lettuce and spinach salad with potato salad.

Eating lunch and watching the latest upload from the Rolling Stones on YouTube.

Finished eating lunch.

Checking out the current status of Aerosmith’s music videos in advance of their Nov. 6th album launch date.

Reading this report from my investment account that came in the mail.

Loading the dishwasher.

Eating an oatmeal raisin cookie that I made last night (they’re my favorite).

Cat vomited on the floor.

Since I cleaned on speck of carpet in one room, I decided to vacuum the whole house.

Working on an email.

Working on a new site with the HTML 5 Boilerplate as a start.

Working on a new site.

Working on a new site to be worked on by a student of mine.

Investigating this whole “Romney’s clothing and apparel are manufactured in China while Obama’s is made in America” crap.

Working on making a site responsive.

Putting up some cat litter that PeaPod brought and I neglected taking out to the garage.

Back to working on the website.

Got a phone call from some number that was spam, so I blocked it. (You know you could have stopped reading this already, right?)

I was about to put some water in the fridge. Since my kidney stones, I’ve taken to drinking only bottled water since June.

Looking out the window.

Thinking about dinner.

Taking the trash out (and subsequently bringing it back in realizing the wind was too strong).

IM’ing with Jake (again, yes, I know, we talk a lot).

Putting a trash bag back in the trash can because I always forget to put one in after I take out the trash.

Preparing to take a shower.

Walking through the house thinking about dinner.

Decided on making a chili for dinner. PeaPod brought me an onion that has no business being that big to start.

Cooking dinner.

Eating dinner.

Finished with dinner.

Reading my library book, The Time Keeper, by Mitch Alboom. (I don’t particularly like it, too fiction-y for my tastes).


I live an incredibly boring life sometimes. …most of the time.

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