About That LG Projector Phone

We’ve all probably seen that LG commercial for their new “projector phone”. Here’s a reviewer:

Three things.

  1. I love how the reviewer says, “They’ve [LG] done a pretty good job of covering up the Windows Mobile interface”.
  2. “It’s pretty thin” is laughable. That phone looks as thick as the LG QWERTY phone I had three years ago.
  3. I’m afraid for our productivity if people buy this phone.

I hate it when people come up to me and say, “HEY! Check out this movie trailer!” That’s when they hand me their phone and I have to awkwardly hold it while pretending to be interested for three minutes. All I’m really thinking is, “Goodness. This phone feels awful. They should have got an iPhone.”

Frankly, I don’t need people coming up to me and saying, “HEY! Check out this movie trailer!” and then projecting it on the frickin’ wall.

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