America, Your Extremism Is Showing

There’s something a little bothersome about the death of Bin Laden. Sure, the guy was a Grade A Asshat, but it’s our reaction that bothers me.

Look at this photo:

73762688 new recruits

A likely caption: “Fuck those guys for killing our people! ALALALALA!”


Here’s us today:

celebrating bin ladens death

A likely caption: “Woo! Yeah! Fuck those guys for killing our people!”

I heard the news this morning. I heard it and thought, “Meh, that’s nice. Back to work.” But instead, this seems to be a good day and big news for everyone. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal, but maybe I’m just too cynical.

Rather, I’m a little worried at coming off like a country full of assholes. Effectively, America’s saying, “You middle eastern people are a bunch of assholes. We’re the good guys and we kicked your ass!” And the middle eastern people are saying, “You Americans are assholes! We’re the good guys and we’re going to kick your ass!”

Frankly, I think we’re all assholes.

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3 thoughts on “America, Your Extremism Is Showing”

  1. I’d say we’re more than assholes. We are dangerous, ignorant and violent society (un)intentionally leading a charge towards abandoning human rights and international law in favor of a might-makes-right definition of ‘justice’. Those pictured are after all celebrating the death of a man without trial. The heinousness of the acts he was responsible for do not take away from this fact. But why would a real God-fearing America want to be confronted with facts like that? They’d want to kill and celebrate the killing of the enemies of God’s chosen people who were born on the wrong side of some lines drawn up after a few wars. They certainly wouldn’t want to face the fact that America is the world’s number one sponsor of terrorism, was once convicted by the UN of international terrorism during the Iran Contra affair and has supported many of the most brutal dictators in history because they allowed our companies to exploit their country’s people and resources unimpeded. We are the real terrorists and are celebrating the death of the ‘bad guy’ who managed to beat us at our own game. Don’t get me wrong, 9/11 was horrible, but much more horrible, much larger atrocities happen or have happened regularly in dozens of countries because of our ‘stabilizing’ interventions. Removing the blinders that most Americans have on and confronting this horrible, uncomfortable fact is the first step to changing it. But, I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Change in America isn’t going to happen when corporations now have the same free speech rights as individuals so your company can tell you how they’d like you to vote while advertising it too, not that you had much of a choice considering the democrats are already just a bit too the left of most far-right European political parties and essentially have the same foreign policy stands as the republicans. No matter what, the best democracy money can buy will keep on trucking – USA USA USA!

  2. My analysis on the bin Laden celebrations/grave-dancing is that Americans have not had distinct victories in the “War on Terror.” It’s not a conventional war–it’s guerrilla warfare, so when a distinct event comes along (that the general public can understand– I mean who knew who Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was?), it is a catharsis.

    If he wasn’t so difficult to find and people didn’t already own t-shirts that had cross hairs on his face, then they wouldn’t be buying another one with his birth and death day listed on the front.

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