Another Marion Co. School District Gets Pinched

I blogged about Franklin Township a while back. Now, the shoe has dropped:

Two Franklin Township elementary schools will close and more than 50 teachers will be laid off under a sweeping cost-cutting plan the School Board narrowly approved Wednesday.

Additionally, the Southeastside district implemented a pay-to-play athletics system and a transportation fee for all students.

The board’s plan calls for closing Wanamaker and Acton elementaries at the end of this school year. The elementaries are two of the district’s smallest and have not been renovated for a while.

Kitley Intermediate School will become an elementary to house students from Wanamaker and Acton. Edgewood Intermediate will be converted into an early childhood center for all kindergarten and preschool students.

Wonder why they didn’t do that years ago. Sounds perfectly reasonable to make the best use of the facilities they have without spending more to renovate facilities they evidently don’t really need.

The story doesn’t mention the costs for transportation and athletic fees, like it eludes to. Probably because they haven’t been set yet. I’m fine with that, too. Band kids have had to pay to be in band for years. There’s no reason why athletics should have been getting a free ride.

And speaking of a free ride, I’m not sure how I feel about the bus fee. I suppose, like any bus system, a “pay as you ride” system isn’t the most unbelievable thing to happen. But, it sounds like they’re going to add it to all students, which seems silly. If you want to use it, you have to pay for it. I’d be interested in knowing how many students in the district walk, bike or carpool with parents or friends to school.

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