Anthem’s Death Panel

Long story short: I have another kidney stone. Or at least it’s the same one that’s been in there all week and the one that passed this week “was just some other stone”. What I wouldn’t give for a Rolling Stone — ca ching!

For all the talk of Obama’s secret “Death Panels”, it turns out Anthem has one that’s computerized! My doctor prescribed 20 more tablets of Ketorolac this morning (among others). I hopped over to CVS across the street (very strategic location CVS. Bravo.) and the pharmacist came back and said, “Here you go. Just need to you sign here and understand that your insurance only covers 20 tablets of Ketorolac each month. It looks like you came in earlier this week and ordered 15, so I could only give you 5.”

Uhh. Thanks?

Luckily, this pill is a supplemental pain control pill taken on an “as-needed” basis. I guess I can “need” it up to five times over the next 10 days. Not like my doctors know what I need or anything. Clearly Anthem has my back.

My achey, pain-ridden, stone-infested back.

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