Bankrupting the KY KKK

I just came across this story on CNN titled “Lawsuit Seeks to Bankrupt the Ku Klux Klan“. Since it’s a real wizz-dinger of a story, let me highlight some of the best parts:

  • KKK Members in Kentucky beat a 16 year old boy with brown skin at a fair in Meade County. That’s in the Louisville metro area.
  • A lawsuit seeking $6 million has been filed to permanently bankrupt the Klan.
  • Previous lawsuits in Idaho and Alabama have been successful against the Klan.
  • The Klan members are representing themselves in court. Stay Classy!
  • The Klan webmaster settled out of court. I know, who thought the Klan would have a website?
  • One defendant told NBC’s WAVE 3 TV on Wednesday that he already has paid a price for something he didn’t do. He said the legal system was “corrupt,” and that he was at the trial “because the law told me.” The story also mentions (because, evidently it’s important to note here) that he lives in a trailer in rural Kentucky.
  • To protest his being sued, he demonstrated his contempt for the lawsuit by tattooing a “profane reference” to it on his freshly shaved head.
So, allow me to summarize: A couple of dickhead hicks from rural eastern Kentucky wandered into the orbit of a city and beat up a brown kid. Then, when they learn about their pending lawsuit, one guy runs back to his shitty trailer and does what any normal person would do: he shaves his head and tattoos naughty words on his skull. Maybe he thought the ink would seep into his brain.
Then, when “The Law” shows up at his door to tell him to go to court, he goes only because he has to. Then, decides, “Meh. I’ve got this.” and decides to represent himself in court. Probably while humming shit-kicker country songs in his hollow head and supporting the latest Tim McGraw scented cologne.
I can assure you this man was a McCain supporter and will now have plenty of time to think about, and masturbate to, Sarah Palin when he goes to jail. Hopefully he’ll bunk with a big scary black man.

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