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One part I hated about high school and college writing was having to supply a bibliography. I get the importance and they’re several legitimate purposes for knowing how to do it later in life. That never stopped me from not learning how to do it, though. Too many rules and standards that I don’t use enough to remember anyway. So, for years, I’ve always just used NoodleBib to do it for me. Microsoft Word also has a handy feature that does the same thing, but it’s not as easy on the eyes as NoodleBib.

Now, there’s Quick Cite, a 99-cent app for iPhones and Androids that automates the task of citing by allowing the user to scan the barcode on the book, then it emails you the citation formatted to one of the four common styles, like APA or MLA.

It was made by 7 undergrads at the University of Waterloo in 7 days. Now, they’ve learned a skill that will actually prove useful and make them money, as opposed to writing all those papers no one cares about.

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