I logged my 285th mile on my bike yesterday. That’s about one tank of gas saved for me in my Rav 4. So, in two months of bicycling, I’ve saved $35 and reduced my carbon footprint by not emitting 416 pounds of carbon dioxide.

Now if I could just figure out some way to get rid of my car completely I’d save all kinds of money all the time. I’ve never felt more fit, either. My legs are like steel beams capable of holding up a bridge. I’m guessing.

As an aside, Greg Ballard gets my vote this November for Mayor. Thanks to his RebuildIndy initiative, the street outside my neighborhood is slated to get a bike lane in 2012. That’ll give me bike lane access to every trail in the city through Downtown and connect with other lanes nearby to take me everywhere I usually already go anyway. Neat!

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