There’s only 363 days until the next BlogIndiana Conference. This year’s event was held at IUPUI and I do believe that Shawn Plew and Scott Coffey did an excellent job coordinating this year’s event with a fair registration price.

I now have faces to put to the many blogs I read. Doug Masson and I enjoyed lunch together Saturday, Ruth Holladay kept the Star on its toes in her session Saturday afternoon and Doug Karr got a little too programatic for my tastes Sunday, but had good intentions. Bil Browning made an appearance as a session leader Sunday and really had a great presentation on getting your blog “out there”.

Now, if we can just have potato chips at lunch next year instead of those weird noodle bowls, we’ll be off to an even better start.


  1. That’s great feedback, Justin! I knew what I was doing was risky… looks like I lost a few folks along the way. It’s tough to do a presentation on integration without code nowadays!

    My hope is that you wouldn’t have to worry about it, but lots of apps still require it. Hopefully, I at least dispelled the ‘magic’ behind integration so folks know it shouldn’t be difficult nor overpriced to hire someone to help them.

    It was an incredible event – for the value it could not be beat. I’ll keep the code out of the next presentation :)

  2. Thanks for the compliment, Justin. I’m glad you enjoyed the presentation.

    If there’s anything I can help you with, don’t hesitate to e-mail or call. I’m happy to help another Hoosier blogger.

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