Can I C Ur Boobz?

The Indiana Legislature is taking a punt on sexting:

Proposed legislation making some teens’ practice of sending racy photos by cell phone a juvenile offense in Indiana appears headed for a summer legislative study committee to iron out policy problems.

Maybe some of my older readers can answer this question for me: what did 14 year olds do before sexting? I have a feeling it was actually being in the same room. Frankly, sexting is probably a good thing for parents. Let little Jimmy see Susie on his cell phone in his bedroom instead of actually being in the same room as Susie and going much further. To criminalize sexting dilutes the sex offender registry and just wastes time. I’ve checked the registry in my part of town and it’s mostly really old creepy guys or, more likely, a bunch of 18, 19 and 20 year olds who no doubt got caught with a slightly younger girl who was, for legal purposes, a juvenile.

Back to sexting, though. When I was in school, everyone used webcams to flaunt their naughty bits. I imagine before that everyone sent photos in emails and I suspect before that we all had phone sex. I bet as you go further back, people were probably etching themselves doing kinky stuff on cave walls.

Deal with it people.

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