Comcast Now Outsourcing Work, to You!

So, it’s March. Time for my annual trek through Comcast phone-service hell to get to a rep to tell me how much my bill is going up. Each year, I call Comcast and say, “I can get the shows I want on iTunes for half the price. Give me half the price.” Then, they do.

This year was no different. I called up, went through SEVEN tiers of options to get to the person I wanted, with the last three tiers selecting similar options each time. Then, the guy tells me that Comcast gives everyone two promos a year, each lasting six months. Meaning, if you haven’t called for a promotion package lately, go do that. It can reduce your bill by a bunch.

Now, they’re telling me I need digital boxes and more shit I don’t want. In my “that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard” category comes this gem:

Comcast: “You’ll need a digital converter box.”
Me: “Ok, is that free?”
Comcast: “Yes.”
Me: “Ok, fine.”
Comcast: “Now, would you like to have us come out and install that for $19.99 or would you like to go pick it up yourself.?”
Me: “Oh, I have a brain, so I’ll just go pick it up and install it myself.”
Comcast: “Ok, that’ll be $10.”
Me: “Wait, what?”

You see, Comcast is actually going to charge me to $10 to drive up to 75th and Shadeland and pickup a box to install myself. That’s right, Comcast is charging me to drive across town to do their job. It’s like ordering a pizza on carryout, then being told you still have to pay the delivery charges because you came and got it.

And they wonder why Comcast is the most hated company in America.

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