DADT Enforcement Ends This Week

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’s enforcement in the US armed services sorta “ends” this week.

“[Gates] will announce changes to the way the current law is being enforced that make it more difficult to begin investigations and kick people out,” said a defense source who would not speak for the record ahead of Gates’s announcement.

I’m torn on the whole issue. On one hand, I don’t like the idea of military action so making it more difficult for the army to recruit people appeases me in some ways. For example, If they don’t want gay interpreters that speak Arabic when you’re fighting Arabs, fine, that’s your loss.

But, on the other hand, some people just legitimately want to join the service and for more domestic branches like the Coast Guard and National Guard that (generally) don’t “fight” so much as they protect the homeland in the event of natural disasters (sandbagging, policing, distribution of water and food, etc.), I can get behind those people. And, when they want to join to do good things and maybe for the school funding, they shouldn’t be discriminated or live in fear.

It’s probably not unlike being gay in Texas or Idaho. Maybe we should work on helping those people next.

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