Dear IUPUI: Stop Sucking


I’m a Junior at your fine establishment. I’ve been attending classes there since 2005 and have been there long enough to see the JagTag change looks, the parking lot across from Cavanaugh go to a Student Center then to a Campus Center. I’ve seen students hit by cars crossing the oft-clogged Michigan Street.

Now, as I’ve completed 75% of my college career, I’ve got enough experience to state my opinion with authority: you really suck.

I came to IUPUI for the New Media program. At the time, it was the only program of its kind in Indiana. So, what are my qualms?

For one, I’ve been paying $700 per class and not getting anything out of it beyond wasted time. It’s not anything I couldn’t lookup on Google or in an application’s Help files. $700 to read Help files is a real smack in the face and my financial sensibilities.

Now you’re thinking, “Yes, but we have lots of other classes that don’t come with Help files.” You’re right, we just read the book instead. I had an ethics course last year that was comprised of story time. The entire semester was spent reading the book. Word. For. Word. Again, hardly a good use of $700.

Next, I’ve spent time in english and math classes that were colossal wastes of gas. Frankly, those classes should be online. No group work was required and nothing I couldn’t have done from my desk at home with a Pepsi One.

Speaking of online classes, I’ve taken two. Both of which were technology-related and dated back at least three years. I don’t need to tell you the problem with watching three year old content related to technology.

And don’t even get me started on your inability to set out on a plan and stick to it. You promised to improve race relations when you pissed off the Black Student Union. Then, you turned around and told one of your own janitorial employees and student they couldn’t read a book about the defeat of the KKK because it “might be offensive.”

Oh, and do I need to mention the Student Center you shoved down our throats and switched it to a Campus Center at the last minute so you could move in four coffee shops to help cover the costs you couldn’t anticipate? Yeah, me neither.

But, thank goodness we have our Stude–er, Campus Center now. It’s really improved campus housing. I mean, everyone wants to quit their jobs and come make IUPUI the next IU Bloomington. They’re switching in droves. We’re talking the same percentage of Mac to Windows switchers here.

Alas, you’ll do nothing to serve the niche you’ve already built. Instead, you’ll try to change everything to “make things better” and instead drive up tuition costs and pass it along to students like me.

Thanks, IUPUI. You really suck.



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