Death to All

This little gem popped up today:

When I got my first Mac, it came with the Macintosh Intro, a disk that held a little tutorial explaining how to use various parts of the Macintosh. Among the topics covered was what a mouse is and how to use it (and even that you can lift it off the table and put it down in another spot to have more space to move in a particular direction).

According to various reports, when someone suggested to include a touch-typing tutorial in this intro as well, since many people did not know how to use a keyboard, steve Jobs simply said not to bother as those people would die out eventually.

I must say that as morbid as it sounds, I think about this for most every problem.

You: “The earth is warming too rapidly, what’s with those climate change deniers?”
Me: “Meh, they’ll die eventually and then we can fix it.”

You: “What is with these anti-gay bigots?”
Me: “They’ll die eventually and then we can fix it.”

You: “Why do people still insist on printing all their emails?
Me: “Don’t worry, they’ll die off eventually and then we can fix it.”

Of course, this implies that old people are broken and it’s up to young people like me to fix their stupid ideas. Ask me how I feel again when I’m 70.


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