Emergency financial planning

So after 9/11 everyone thought we needed to plan for better security and disaster response. Okay.

Then, after the Virginia Tech shootings, every college campus across the nation got their panties in a bind when they realized “911” wasn’t on their speed dial.

So here comes this gem, courtesy a story from the Star:

Diane Mack was a strategic planning director for the Indiana Department of Homeland Security before becoming IUPUI’s first emergency preparedness manager. One of her priorities is to identify campus buildings that can accommodate a large number of injured people.

Adding Mack’s position will cost Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis $65,000 per year, but it’s hard to put a price tag on emergency planning, said Chris Blake of the Hartford, Conn.-based International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators.

Well. Clearly no one asked me because as a student I’m cheap and I also have common sense. How about this: In the event that someone is shooting at students, say in the dorms, everyone duck, do as the shooter says and someone will text someone to call someone and then that person will poke the police via Facebook. Remember, this is a college campus.

When the police arrive, take the wounded and hurt, I dunno, DOWN THE STREET TO THE HOSPITAL. IUPUI has five of them! Where else would you take them? The gym?

There. I just saved the university $65,000. Now where’s my scholarship?

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