Everything Sucks!

I make a small pot of tea each morning and each morning I inspect the tea for just the right amount of everything. I want it to be brown and tea-colored, but I want it to glow when I hold it up to the light. More importantly, I don’t want any flaky tea-bits floating around in my glass. That’s where everything falls short and it makes me mad. I want “clear” tea (and ice cubes, but I never get those). Anything else just sucks.

I went to get the mail earlier and the sidewalk was covered in ice and practically unusable, forcing me to walk in the snow and getting a bunch of ugly footprints in the snow. That ticked me off because I can’t salt the sidewalk because it’ll just slowly eat it alive. I’d rather have ice on my sidewalk for a few days than a cracked sidewalk for who knows how long. That sucks.

I come inside to sit at my desk and I’m reminded that I can’t find a desk lamp that I like. So, I just don’t have one. I want something tall, but thin, and I want it to have a lightbulb that’s bright but allows me to look at the lamp and not go blind. The last lamp I had was nice, except that I couldn’t glance on the left side of my desk because the bulb was just too bright to look directly at. That sucks.

I want an L-shaped desk, but I want one that has a narrow left side so I can sit it next to my window and I can look outside without having a lot of distance between me and the desk. But, no one makes one I like, so I don’t have one. That sucks.

I sit on the couch at night and feel bad that I’m always sitting in the middle of the couch. It’s going to wear out that section of the couch, but I don’t want to sit in any other spot. I don’t even know why I have a couch. It sucks.

When I cook, the stove has knobs I can never figure out. I’ve been using electric stoves all my life and I still have to stop and think about which burner I want to heat up. The design sucks. I like my George Foreman grill because it doesn’t have any other setting except “ON”. I leave the knob turned all the way up because I don’t know what the difference is between “low” and “hi”. Is that a difference of 1o degrees or 100? I don’t know and it sucks.

I go to bed at night and loathe the fact that I don’t have a good rug in there. I want a rug that I can lay under the bed, but I don’t want the bed’s legs to sit on the rug because it’ll ruin the rug with big imprints and holes in no time at all. I want a rug that sits out on each side of the bed just enough to look good, but not be touching the bed. No one makes those and that sucks.

I wake up the next morning and repeat the process.

Nothing works all the time the way I want or expect it to. My iPhone never has a charge, my car is one “uh-oh” away from not starting for unknown reasons and every appliance in my house is one click, snap, charge or surge away from being useless. I live in constant fear of things breaking and letting me down.

There are three things in life that I admire: loyalty, cleanliness and timeliness. Three characteristics nearly impossible to find in anything by themselves, let alone all together.

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