Filtering Indianapolis’ Water

I make a pot of tea each morning. I do this by using a coffee maker because it’s faster and weakens the tea a bit since I’m not boiling a tea bag in a pot. The reason for this is to reduce the strength of the tea and thus, my chances of a recurring kidney stone.

Since I use a coffee maker, I pour the water in the back, put the bag in the decanter and for kicks I throw a coffee filter in the filter tray. It doesn’t really need a filter since I’m just using that area to pass hot water through. All the action happens right in the decanter. Or, so I thought.

I don’t replace the filter every day. Again, nothing but hot water passes through it and it seems like a waste. After 5 days (when I do change it), this is what my filter looks like. This is water filtered through my PUR facet filter. Indianapolis, you’re drinking this.

Filtering Indianapolis' Water 1

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