Frickin’ Gays

I actively follow 110 blogs. Of that, about 60 are tech-related (broken down in Apple news or web/design blogs and sites). About 10 or 15 follow off-beat stuff. The most bizarre being a blog called Eye on Springfield that publishes random screen captures of old Simpsons episodes. I don’t follow anything else that’s just “fluff” like Lol Cats or the like.

The remaining 30 odd blogs focus on national, state and local news. I’m a big fan of Abdul over at RTV6, Doug Masson writes very well over at his blog and I follow several Libertarian-leaning news sites, like John Stossel and I actually keep a pretty good balance between left and right-leaning sites, too.

But there’s only 1 blog that defies all else in my feeds: Towleroad. It’s the only blog I’ve found that offers, at least some of the time, decent news and usefulness for gay people. Yet, I hate that blog. Every other post is something awful:

And the rest is, quite frankly, soft porn or entertainment fluff. Frankly, I want a blog that tells me the good news and stops talking about ignorant asshats or shirtless guys (admittedly, I’m not opposed to that part, I just want some substance along with it).

Then, I realized that there is no good gay news. None. Nada. Someone find me a recent news story that focuses, even in the slightest bit, about anything good for gays in America. You won’t find it coming out of the White House. You won’t find it coming out of the military (the gayest place on earth). You won’t find it out of the Republican chambers and only about 6 piss-ass Democrats seem to even notice us. Oklahoma is probably within a vote or two away from legalizing the shooting of gays on-site if they thought they could get away with it.

More often than not, when I see something I don’t like, I say to myself, “Well Justin, it looks like you’ll have to fix this, too.” At least I can feel better about myself if I do. But I can’t think of one thing to do here to help.

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