Gatorade + Margarine = Fire

A fiery crash on Indy’s westiside this morning shut down I-465 and for many, caused massive travel pains as people muddling to work were forced on to city streets. However, it appears that when one semi carrying margarine and another carrying Gatorade collide, the result is a messy, fiery crash that can even destroy pavement:

An Indiana Department of Transportation engineer was surveying pavement damage this morning after a fiery crash shut down part of I-465 on the Westside.

Workers used cement dust to soak up spilled fuel, Gatorade and margarine after two semi-tractor trailers caught fire this morning on northbound I-465 near Washington Street, INDOT spokesman Will Wingfield said.

The engineer will decide today if repairs to the heat-damaged pavement can take place during off-peak hours or if the right two lanes of the road must remain closed, Wingfield said.

Those people should move to the east-side. All we’ve had to deal with was months of I-70 closures, reconstruction on Washington Street and the occassional military training drill.

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