Generally Confusing

Today, 85,000 exotic, likely unemployed, people will emerge on the crusty side of Indy. The Star’s opening byline goes like this:

Don’t be alarmed if you see a 6-foot elf walking around Downtown today. Gen Con, the convention for gamers and fans of science fiction and fantasy, is back for another turn in Indianapolis.

On my way into the office this morning I saw or heard these little gems:

  1. One 30-something was humming the theme song to Super Mario Brothers. He looked large and as if he just stayed up all night eating pizza and soda.
  2. Two teenage girls getting out of a taxi at the convention center. They were skipping into the convention center. And,
  3. A guy dressed as the Joker.

Gen Con is the only convention the city hosts that’s 24/4. Meaning that those gamers can trade Pokemon cards from dawn until dawn for four days straight.

Welcome to Indy Town. And no, I don’t have any trading cards. Now get back to spending that $30 million the city expects you to drop while you’re here.

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