Great Clips: Great Deals

Great Clips continues to send me more coupons in the mail. They’re addressed to my old roommate, Mitch and even come with his name printed on each coupon in the set of three. Usually, they get me a deal about half the original price of a haircut.

I’ve never  had a problem with Great Clips accepting the coupons. If they ever did, I imagine I’d take out the deed to my house and say, “Hahahaha! SEE! I own the property at that address! You HAVE to accept these coupons. It’s state law!”

This past weekend was no different, except they asked me to sign the coupon before I handed it over. I curiously asked why and the attended responded with, “Corporate makes us ask you to sign it. They’re trying to keep employees from pocketing the difference of a regular haircut as a tip.”

I looked at her and said, “You know what that means, right? It means someone at Great Clips HQ has the job of looking over all these signed coupons, figuring out what the horrid handwriting actually says, and then comparing it to a record of my haircut history to determine if I indeed used the coupon and no money was lost.”

She looked at me as if she wanted to quit or cry. Maybe both.

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