He is Doing Fine!

I got this email today from Tanzania:

He is doing fine!

Greetings from Tanzania! Thank you for supporting Hamis Ally and the Waukae group with a loan. I am happy to report he is doing extremely well. With the loan Hamis received, he increased the shop inventory and his monthly profit has increased. He used the additional profits to pay school fees and household expenses. Hamis and the Waukae group are very grateful for the loan and are thankful to everyone who has supported them.

It’s not a spam message, it’s legit. I made a $25 micro-loan to these people a few months ago using Kiva. It’s a neat concept I can get behind because frankly, it does more good for everyone involved. I loan out an almost inconsequential amount of money, get paid back a good deal of interest and help out working people in poor countries make a little extra money to support themselves. No handouts or grants, just hard work and good motives. I make money, they make money and we all do better.

Funny how a thing like allowing people to make profit here in the US can work to the advantage of all kinds of people everywhere else. I guarantee this is better than just feeding them a bunch of rice every day. In fact, these are the people that sell the rice! They run a small general store-style shop in Tanzania. Good for Hamis, his employees and me. (Hamis is pictured in the back center wearing the black shirt and white hat.)

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