Here’s How to Learn Spanish

As I’ve been muddling my way through learning about iOS Apps and Objective-C, there’s a familiar testimony among developers on forums and blog posts around the web:

“Objective-C is hard. Start by learning Python or Ruby first, then go with Objective-C.”

The language they cite isn’t always the same, but Python and Ruby do come up a lot.

This is about the dumbest argument I’ve ever heard. Imagine that you don’t know anything about Spanish beyond “El” and “Hola” and you want to learn Spanish. Imagine your teacher saying, “Oh, Spanish is hard. We need to learn French first.”

But you don’t want ┬áto learn French, you want to learn Spanish. How does that make any sense? Sure, some things might be related, but they’re two different languages for pete’s sake!

My conclusion is simple: if you want to learn a language, whether it’s computer or verbal, go learn that language and immerse yourself in it as much as you can. Don’t spend time learning a language you have no interest or need in first just because someone else subjectively thinks it’s easier that way.

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