Honey, I’m Off to Capture Bin Laden!

Now this is some story

An Indiana man who says he dreamed two years ago of a bearded man slaying Osama bin Laden has given a painting of the dramatic scene to a Colorado man arrested in Pakistan while hunting for the al-Qaida leader.

Jerry Cool, 63, told The Star Press of Muncie that he was “shocked” when he saw Gary Faulkner talking on CBS’s “Late Show With David Letterman” on June 28 about his arrest in northern Pakistan earlier that month.

“Once I saw Gary on TV, I knew that was him in my vision,” Cool told the newspaper. “To me, he’s the only one that deserves that painting.”

Faulkner, a bearded, 52-year-old unemployed construction worker from Greeley, Colo., says he traveled to Pakistan to kill bin Laden. He was carrying a pistol, a sword and night-vision goggles when detained in mid-June near the border with Afghanistan.

Cool, who has a beard himself, said that in 2008, he dreamed of a “man with gray hair and a dark beard” killing the al-Qaida leader, and that he committed the scene to canvas.

What a conversation that must have been with his family. I imagine it like this:

Faulkner: “Honey, I’m off to capture Bin Laden!”
Wife: “Don’t forget your pistol, dear.”

Wouldn’t it have been a real hoot if this guy finds and captures Bin Laden and does what the entire US Military has been trying to do for a decade?

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