Hot Air Balloon Crashes Near Terre Haute

This morning’s Indianapolis Star has a story about a hot air balloon crash near Terre Haute, Ind.;

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. — One person was injured when a hot air balloon struck some power lines near the Terre Haute airport, caught fire and crashed to the ground.

Terre Haute Fire Dept. Chief Jeff Fisher says the pilot was attempting to use a secondary heat source to gain altitude when the balloon struck the transmission line about 5:30 p.m. Sunday.

While the balloon-ers in this story are expected to be just fine, it makes you wonder how many people try to make hot air balloon crashes more exciting than they really are. I imagine a story like this:

Carl: “Yeah. That hot air balloon crash was a real doozy.”

Steve: “Oh, yeah? How did it happen?”

Carl: “Well, we got way up in the air and suddenly the wind came and we lost control. There we were, strung up there like a kite when we started to come crashing down.”

Steve: “Well, what happened then? Did you crash into another balloon?”

Carl: “No, we lost control and started sailing around 10 MPH. Then we came floating down at a pretty easy pace. But the landing was rough. We almost tipped the basket over.”

Steve: “Oh. Well. I’m glad you’re okay.”

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  1. I guess you missed the part where we struck 150,000 volt power lines and were stuck 75 ft in the air in a wicker basket that caught fire, with 3 large propane tanks inside the basket with us. The whole time wondering if we were gonna have to jump or just burn alive.

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