Hot Straight Men

This whole debacle over Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell has confused me. I don’t see the holdup here. However, for some this has seemingly boiled down to one argument against it:

“How can a soldier be expected to fight on the battlefield if they think the gay guy down in the other foxhole is checking him out?”

As ridiculous as this is, I really can’t dispute the argument in a matter-of-fact way. Maybe you are bothered by that. Sucks to be you, you stunningly hot solider boy.

But Ta-Nehisi Coates puts a coating of understanding on it in the Atlantic:

What men understand all to well is precisely how heterosexual men generally look at women. As disturbing as that reality might be, there tends to be some variation and range. The worst of that range knows how he can survey a whole swath of a gender and see nothing more than sentient, but soul-less, walking meat. A man of that particular stamp fears his own gaze. He fears that sense of being little more than a body to someone who may well be physically stronger than him, who could subjugate him, bend him, and leave him nigger of the world.

So there you have it. Hyper-sexual straighties wandering around with their tongues hanging out like complete twats and now the tables have turned. Sorta. It’s not like gay men just showed up overnight. They were always there, you just didn’t quite know it.

As an aside, I have wondered how my straight friends would be if, for instance, we went to a gym together to workout and we had to change in front of the other.

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