How to Install Windows 7 by Upgrading Windows 7 So You Can Install Windows 7

I can’t be the first person this has happened to:

I rock a Mac. I have Parallels. I have a copy of Windows XP in Parallels.

Follow me?

Now, I’m a web designer, so I need to know what the heck Internet Explorer 9 is going to pretend to fix. So, I buy a copy of Windows 7. Except, it’s not Windows 7, it’s some stupid upgrade-only disk. You have to overwrite your old copy of Windows to use it. Dumb.

But I don’t want to overwrite it, because I want XP so I can test in IE 7/8, too. So what’s a guy to do?

Actually, you copy your virtual XP file in Documents/Parallels, run the copy, install Windows 7 and it leaves the original XP file alone and you can rename “Windows XP Copy” to “Windows 7” and you’re set.

Or, create a new virtual machine with the default settings, install Windows 7 as a Custom Install. Then, when your activation code fails, because it will, since there’s no previous version of Windows you’re “upgrading”, just continue on and once it boots up, run the Windows 7 setup again. Yeah, no kidding.

By running it again, you’re “upgrading” Windows from, uh Windows 7 to…Windows 7. What a joke.

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