How To: Pimp Your Magic Mouse

For those of you with a new Apple Magic Mouse, I can’t tell you how pleased I am to come across this nifty app called MagicPrefs. MagicPrefs works by digging into the built-in Magic Mouse settings and gives you access to all the things we’ve always wanted: swiping, gestures, pinching, etc.

It’s free, easy to setup and worth a try. I haven’t enabled many of the features it allows you to enable. Mostly because I wouldn’t remember what I set to ┬ádo what anyway. My goal was to make my Magic Mouse function more like my MacBook Air’s trackpad. So, I’ve enabled three finger swipes in all directions to enable Expose, the Desktop, Dashboard and Spaces. I’ve also enabled pinching.

Word to the wise: be careful where you do your gestures. Hovering over open apps like Safari that work well with the Magic Mouse may produce unexpected results with MagicPrefs. For instance, swiping three fingers left is awfully similar to swiping two the left, which is a difference between visiting the previous webpage and enabling Spaces (or whatever your choose).

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