I Am Totally Pro-Death

Even when Obama’s shooting guys in the face, Republicans STILL find flaws:

At a panel on national security policy at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday, a prominent lawyer from the Bush administration’s Department of Justice said he was concerned that the higher number of terrorist executions taking place under Obama was compromising U.S. intelligence operations.

“Why have executions increased?” asked Viet Dinh, a professor at Georgetown University Law Center and one of the authors of the USA Patriot Act. Dinh complained that “the president and vice president expound this fact as a fact that they are actually successful in war.”

I’m just going to come on out and say I’m totally pro-death. I’m all for guns, abortions, executions and basically anything that gets people out of my way.

Frankly, in this world of stupid people doing extraordinarily stupid things, some people just should be shot on-site so we don’t have to pay for their trials where they’ll no doubt continue to say stupid things. There ability to say and do stupid things are probably interrelated.

For example, if you break into someone’s house, the property owner has a right to shoot you because A) you’re stupid to think you can just get away and B) no one wants your grubby hands on their stuff.

If it were me, I’d shoot you in the head because I don’t want you limping away from the scene of the crime and wasting my time in court just so you can end up in jail and cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars.

My logic goes for car accidents, too. If I ever face a car or plane crash, we’re going to hit something hard because I don’t wanna limp away from that wreck with a bunch of medical bills and insurance costs.

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