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Hat tip to Masson for his short little post about crimes and rental property:

An interesting statistic I heard the other day: 90% of crimes occur on rental property. The source was credible, but what his foundation for the statistic may have been, I couldn’t say.

Granted, there isn’t a real source here, but I’d believe that to an extent. When I lived on the far northside, apartment complexes were always the source for the poorer citizens of the ‘burbs. Typically, my neighbors were either retired, older folks or young kids fresh out of school and an entry-level job (like me at the time).

While I was living in Fishers, the town council heard controversial proposals to build a massive apartment complex along I-69 between 96th and 116th streets. Home-owning residents near the proposed construction site opined that property values would plummet — even in the flush burb on I-69.

The council eventually approved the measure, but many residents were unhappy and complained openly in editorials that Fishers would quickly become “crime ridden with those disrespecting renters.”

Now, as a home-owner, I find the people who rent their homes in my neighborhood to be abhorrently bad at maintaing a good aesthetic look. Maybe we should divide our future cities by rental-property vs. owner-controlled property.

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