Brandon and I ventured down to Cincy today for our first trip to IKEA. We left this morning, arrived two hours later and were in awe at the size and color of the store. It was the first time I ever saw a bright yellow building that actually looked neat.

Long story short, Brandon and I are in the process of creating a study out of Mitchum’s old room. I have photos to post later, but the room is coming together well — minus paint and some artwork to hang around.

The best part is I spent less than $300 and managed to get two large chairs, a 4 column by 4 row bookshelf, a table, a rug and some light fixtures. Even better — it all fit inside of my Beetle. Passers-by were in awe of the spectacle and one guy commented that I’d probably have better luck fitting an elephant in the back. I assured him I would succeed, and I did. The only caveat was that I couldn’t see Brandon on the trip home and I really couldn’t move my legs or right arm much.

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