I’m Becoming Mr. Burns

Back in August when I had my kidney stone, I weighed 165 pounds. After 1 week of writhing in bed as three stones worked their way through the ol’ plumbing, I weighed 153 pounds.

Then, as time went on, I seemed to lose a pound or two over the next few weeks. Having not eaten anything beyond 1 can of soup that week, I generally didn’t feel much hunger from then on. After a month, I was weighing in at 150 pounds on a consistent basis.

Then, for a while, I didn’t weigh myself anymore. And, starting in about December I decided to stop buying so much red meat – beef, chicken, pork, etc. I thought I’d give vegetarianism a try. I consider myself more of a “flexatarian” than anything because if I’m at a restaurant or some catered event, I’ll pickup a drumstick. But, for the most part, I’ve been really good about not eating meat. I opted for a more vegetarian approach for health reasons more than anything.

Justin Harter, as expected in 2014.

While I can’t say I feel “so much better than before” when I consistently ate at least 2 pounds of beef a week, I evidently feel lighter.

I’ve been weighing myself again this week. Monday  I was 145. Tuesday, I was 143. Wednesday I was 143 and today, after having hopped on and off the scales a dozen times, I am now down to 141 pounds.

I became suspicious yesterday after having put on a pair of pants that now required more than a belt. I had to fold the top band around the waist down over itself just to bring them tight enough around my waist.

I’m not even trying and I’ve lost 24 pounds since August. I haven’t weighed that little since I was a freshman in high school. Soon, I will turn into Mr. Burns.

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