InDecision 2009 – Wish Hard

I voted this morning. Indianapolis residents got to vote on a few issues but my only issue in my district was the Wishard Hospital referendum. For the uninitiated, Wishard is seeking to build a new hospital on grounds currently owned by IUPUI. Subsequently, IUPUI would swap land with the existing Wishard facility and use the old hospital as who knows what. Probably dorms. Then, after they realized it’s a horrible facility they’ll no doubt want to renovate and remodel. The costs of which will get passed along to, yep, me.

I won’t tell you how I voted — the response could only be yes or no — but, I imagine you can guess how it went.

It’s not that I don’t want to fund a new hospital. Wishard claims they would pay for the $750 million, but I don’t believe them. If they fail to make payments, the bonds default to taxpayers and that would result in higher taxes for me. Some estimate it could be as little as $4 a year and frankly, that’s $4 too much.

These votes are the only power I have to “punish” the government. If they can’t find $750 million with the taxes we already pay, then they need professional help. Governing is not that hard. I do it from this blog all the time.

The folks in Beech Grove took it a step further and said that if they don’t get higher tax rates they’re cutting off bus funding. Really? Buses? That’s the first place you look?

Beech Grove Schools: “Shit. We’re millions in the hole. We’d better stop the buses.”
Everyone else: “Uh. Okay.”

It’s a scare tactic if I ever saw one and they’re just mad that they don’t get as much money as they want because of the property tax caps. Well, guess what, I don’t get as much money as I want so shut up and deal with it. Look at how much you spend on useless crap that doesn’t work or no one needs and you wouldn’t be in this mess.

These votes tend to end up in the “no” column, but I bet Wishard gets its way. What’s funny to me is that now that these organizations have to come to voters for approval, they still don’t “get it”. I recall that Noblesville schools asked for a $14 million referendum last year that failed miserably. So, this year they’re asking for some $28 million.

Noblesville Schools: “We’d like $14 million dollars.”
Voters: “No.”
Noblesville Schools: “Okay. How about $28 million dollars?”
Voters: “Uh. No?”
Noblesville Schools: “Okay, okay. Let’s make it $36 million dollars and that’s our final offer.”
Voters: “Dude. Stop.”

Again, governing is not  that hard. People are not stupid when it comes to tax increases.

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