Indiana Emissions Testing

NPR’s Car Talk had a caller this weekend from Mishawaka, Indiana, who claimed to have a van that produced a noxious smell “worthy of germ warfare”.

In trying to figure out the problem, the Car Talk guys, Click and Clack, had the following exchange:

Click: “Do you guys have emissions testing in Indiana or don’t you care about the environment?”
Caller: “No, we don’t do emission testing in Indiana.”
Clack: “No, they just pull their car into a farm yard and count how many hogs keel over.”
Click: “So this is like a 10-hogger?”
Clack: “And then they give you a little windshield sticker that says, “10 Hogs”, don’t they?”
Clack: “Well. There goes a state!”

Good stuff. You can listen to it online for the rest of the week. It’s segment 9.

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