A few months ago we were approached for a new website for a new client. The client was Mr. Dan Wakefield, an Indianapolis native and close friend of the late Kurt Vonnegut.

Dan is a novelist, among other things. Including a journalist and screenwriter whose best-selling novels “Going All The Way” and “Starting Over” were produced as feature films. His work led him to NBC where he created the prime time TV series “James at 15.” And, a documentary film has been produced of his memoir “New York in the Fifties.”

When we were approached to do this site, Alex Felder took the lead on design, but Dan set the tone for what needed to be done. He knew what he wanted and it made for a iterative process of back-and-forth, refinement, and adjustment. But in large part, our initial ideas led us to the final product that is now

For someone with such a storied career who continues to produce compelling works, including Dan’s new book, “Under the Apple Tree”, we felt like this site needed to include a few key things:

  • Easier to read text than his prior site (which featured dark backgrounds and limited color).
  • Better placed images than his prior site.
  • Combined and streamlined page navigation. His prior site included links multiple times across multiple menus in a sprawling navigation bar.
  • A combined blog and website, whereas his old site and blog were separate entities.

In addition to being responsive and mobile-friendly, Dan’s new site came out as a vibrant and energetic representation of his personality and work.

As is customary, we don’t keep screenshots of the old site unless we redo a site we ourselves did years ago. Sites get old, like houses, and it’s not fair to judge a site today based on what was done by someone else years ago under a different set of conditions.

Recently, a petition has been circulating in Indianapolis to rename a local Broad Ripple-area park “Dan Wakefield Park”, which Dan has humbly addressed in local media. But if and when that ever happens, as more people search online about Dan and his work, we’re proud and happy to know they have a good site to land on and learn more about Dan’s amazing career.

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