iOS – Delegation and Core Location

I spent this weekend immersed in iOS Development stuff. I read chapter 4 of the Big Nerd Ranch guide called “Delegation and Core Location”. I know what that means, per se, just not how to implement it. This chapter had us doing a little coding, but again, I failed to full comprehend what it was I was actually writing or doing. I just took it’s word for it. It keeps saying that will improve with time, but I’m anxious. For one, my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Gruesbeck, told my mom, “Someday, math will just ‘click’ for him and it’ll all fall into place.” It clicked alright. Right after my last math class in college where I said, “Glad I scraped by that.” I’m still waiting for the rest of the click.

However, there was some good progress this weekend. For one, Apple released several of their Developer Center PDFs as free eBooks, which I downloaded and started reading religiously. They’re available in the iBooks store. They’re also available, I’m told, in the paid Dev Center, but I haven’t paid my $99 dues to the mothership yet. However, I’m of the belief they’re other guides available there that may be of benefit, such as sample applications. I’ve always learned web technology by just picking apart code, deleting crap and seeing what breaks. It’s a sort of reverse-engineering approach that I take with learning that’s served me well.

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