‘It Gets Better’ My Foot

While I’m in ranty-bloggy mode, let me just say that this whole “It Gets Better” dealio is bullshit.

It’s a lie. See, the point is to tell kids, generally gay high school kids, that “Life gets better after high school”. It’s assumed this is to be as an openly-gay adult somewhere in America, probably not part of San Francisco.

If I could tell these kids something, it would be that “It gets slightly better.” No, you won’t have someone screaming “QUEER!” at you every day, but it won’t be gumdrops and gay lollipops, either.

You’ll get to live in an apartment or a home where your neighbors will no doubt expect you to have a big gay orgy right on your front yard and will therefore not let their kids go near you for fear you might be “one of them pedophiles.”

You’ll get to work at a job where you’re not treated any better, and even if you were able to be openly gay, you’ll probably not be able to share what you and your partner did over the weekend because you won’t want to do anything to give someone a reason to dislike you in the least. Your job will depend on it. So while your co-workers babble about what they did with their partners, you’ll get to explain that you “went to see a movie with a friend.” And, your employer will never let you give health insurance to your partner like all the other straight couples around you.

You’ll get to go to a college or university where you’ll feel safer, as if you can talk about anything, but you’ll soon realize that the religious and conservative asshats are louder than you.

You’ll get to watch videos of Barack Obama explaining that “it’ll be ok“, but it’s just a lot of talk. Not a lot of action. While I do believe he’d love to just say every gay gets everything and a puppy, he just doesn’t get to do that.

If you do manage to find a partner who’s not hiding behind a bar, you might get to spend time together doing things, but you won’t be able to hold hands or walk closely in public. And god forbid if you look at your partner with anything more than “Bromance” in your eyes because that’ll probably get you a few stares and choice words, too.

You’ll be a hard working, professional and productive member of society dutifully paying taxes to a government that doesn’t support you only so they can give your money to religious fanatics that hate you even more under the guise of “community initiatives”.

You’ll go about your life living and doing respectable behaviors, but the only “gay groups” you’ll hear about around town or on a campus are drag queens. You’ll respect their desire to do such things, but it’ll leave you wondering, “What about me and the other 98% of gay people who, you know, act like people with real jobs?”

You’ll get to live a life where every day people with more power and somehow more significance than you can tell you what you can and can’t do, try to convert you, try to tell you you’re just broken like a toaster and you just need some re-wiring.

We’re at least a generation or two away from acceptance. Just ask the black people. It’s been decades and they’re still waiting. While tongue-in-cheek, you’ll get to deal with people like this for the rest of your life:

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