It’s “Justin”

As a tech person, I search Google for just about everything. I was recently trying to do a little research on video conversions (which will have to be saved for my other blog for another day — seriously, what is it with the volume of codecs?) and I ran across a forum where multiple people, with generally intelligent and thoughtful posts, kept using the word “MAC”.

“I have a MAC. No problems here.”

“You might find that on your MAC you can…”

“I love my MAC!?”

Why do seemingly normal people constantly spell it in all-caps? It’s just “Mac”. McDonald’s doesn’t even sell their burger as “The Big MAC” or “The BIG Mac”. It’s just “the Big Mac”.

And coming from a company like Apple, which takes marketing to a whole new level, they have a problem in the most unlikely place, even among Mac users.

“iTouch” is another one that gets me. I’ve heard many young, intelligent tech people call the iPod Touch the “iTouch”. I don’t know why.

Probably all the same reasons people call me Jason. It’s not Jason, it’s Justin. My old boss used to do that so frequently that I thought I was going to scream. It’s like people have some sort of broken “Snap to Grid” feature that throws people one or two paces off-kilter.

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