It’s Terrifying to Be Me

Sometimes, after I’ve just worked out or before I switch gears into a new task, I take a sec to unwind. Usually, that means I fire up YouTube and hit up one of my favorite’d videos, such as the one below by The Rolling Stones. I like it because it’s my favorite Stones song (Beast of Burden, right up there with Brown Sugar and Don’t Stop). This is also one of the best performances of this song, I like Mick’s hat and Keith continues to prove that the only thing he likes more than coke is his music.

I love the classic stuff in just about every facet of music: the Stones, Beatles and Aerosmith. In TV, I’ll watch anything with Andy Griffith in it. Movies with Sean Connery, Clint Eastwood or Harrison Ford automatically get added to my Netflix queue regardless of what they’re about. I’m convinced Clint Eastwood would look all bad ass even if a movie was just 2 hours of him sneezing.

You have no idea how terrifying it is to realize that everyone you love to watch and adore are really, really old. Currently, the combined age of the Rolling Stones is 270 years! Ron Wood is the baby having been born in 1947! Charlie’s the elder Stone having been born in 1941. These guys are so old they actually know precisely when “the good ol’ days” were.

Absolutely terrifying. What on earth would I have to look forward to? Britney Spears?

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