Jags in Town

Finally, some efficiency!

The IUPUI men’s basketball team appears headed across town to play home games at Conseco Fieldhouse. Officials for Pacers Sports & Entertainment said they would let IUPUI make any announcement.

University officials said an announcement on the Jaguars’ 2008-09 schedule could come as soon as this week, after one last deal is finalized.

Although the financial terms of the deal are not clear, it could be a financial boost for both sides. Games in a higher-profile venue with enhanced amenities could drive significant attendance gains for IUPUI. Playing at the glitzy Fieldhouse also would be a solid recruiting tool for Hunter to attract the area’s best talent. Filling some holes on its calendar would benefit PS&E, and if the deal works out long-term, that might mean IUPUI would indefinitely suspend the notion of building a 8,000- to 10,000-seat arena, which could potentially compete with the Fieldhouse for events.

I like it when I hear people consolidating things down and making the costs managable. I still don’t understand why Marion County’s Central Library couldn’t be consolidated into IUPUI’s University Library. How many resources are duplicated in both facilities? Do we really need 12 copies of some book that no one reads in two different places mere blocks from each other?

Again, do we really need two basketball stadiums in town? IUPUI’s graciously hosted swimming events for the City of Indianapolis and it’s worked well. I’m glad to see IUPUI’s working with other hosts around Indy to sport savings and sport sports.

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