Justin Harter is Deep

Yesterday, my go-to contractor for all things home improvey, Tracy Smith and I were talking while he took a short break from working here at the house. Since we’re both businessmen, we talked taxes. I had a point that the government somehow justifies hiring some sap to sift through paper returns and enter the data electronically for “free” to the filer, but the e-filing is done instantly, one-time and HAS to be cheaper for the government, yet it costs more for the filer with a $25 surcharge. That’s Comcast and AT&T-caliber service right there.

Tracy then looked at me, chuckled and called me “someone who thinks about things way, way too deeply.”

I take that as a compliment, but I’m concerned that no one else ponders about these things.

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Justin has been around the Internet long enough to remember when people started saying “content is king”.

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