Justin Harter’s Oddity of the Day #312

I don’t have a clock in my office.

Or at least, not one I look at. I turned the clock off on my menu bar some time ago, so my computer doesn’t show the time. I don’t look at my phone unless it rings. I don’t wear a watch at my desk either. But, I’ve learned to identify what time it is, vaguely, by other means.

At 8 am, the kids get on the school bus.
At 10:15 am, the guy down the street walks to the bus stop.
At 11:30 the mailman arrives.
At 3:30 the elementary kids get off the school bus.
At 4:45 the high school kids off the school bus.

The upside here is that I just work until I’m hungry or I’m done. Works well in tandem with no Growl notifications or IMs or email notifications every 10 seconds.

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