Let Your Sphincter Relax

UPDATE: I have to say that I was very impressed with Beck. They got me in, without an appointment, in a little over an hour. And, because I attended an training course when I bought my car, they fixed my tire for free.

I’m writing to you from Beck Toyota in Greenwood, Indiana. I’m here because yesterday when I pulled out of the driveway ready to go the gym, the “Low Tire Pressure” light on my 2008 Toyota Yaris lit up.

I pulled back in the driveway and investigated with a tire pressure gauge to discover that I had a nail in the driver side front tire. My next question was, “How does that happen?” Why do nails seem to arbitrarily show up on the highway? Why is that so accepted? If “things just fall off trucks”, why don’t we see tons of tomatoes or Barbie Dolls strewn around our nation’s highways?

Of course, it was Sunday and because some people believe their imaginary sky daddy makes it some sort of holy day where work just can’t happen, I had to wait.

I came in precisely at 7:30 this morning. You can tell that the recession is taking its toll on car dealers because the service station is clearly the only thing making these people money. The sales reps aren’t doing anything remotely salesy so their only purpose now is to hold you down while the service guys screw you.

Once you let your sphincter relax, it’s not so bad. You just have to wait for the other 107 cars in front of you to get done first so someone can take ten minutes to fix your tire.

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