Liberty Coming in Closer

Looks like Libertarians are doing better. As a new member of the ranks myself, I’m glad to see there’s some movement here:

In 2006, the party squeaked past that threshold with just under 2.5 percent. This year, Libertarian Mike Wherry garnered 6 percent — or more than 100,000 total votes.

In the far-eastern portion of the state, a Libertarian candidate for the state House of Representatives won 21 percent of the vote in a three-way race, Spangle noted. That candidate, Rex Bell, came within two percentage points of finishing ahead of the second-place candidate, a Democrat.

I know it sounds like I don’t know why people don’t just think like me, but I honestly don’t know why more people don’t take a good look at the Libertarians. Everyone always says, “Stay out of my wallet and out of my bedroom,” and you can’t get any further from either with the Party of Liberty.

Whenever I hear someone say, “I’m a fiscal conservative and socially progressive”, I reply, “So you’re a Libertarian?” The answer is always no. They bounce back and forth between Republicans and Democrats, hoping to land on the right mix someday. That’s like pouring granulated sugar and confectioner’s sugar into a bowl and hoping to end  up with a pie.

Why every gay in America hasn’t voted for Libertarians is even more vexing. In the last election a few weeks ago, 1/3 of gays that voted, voted for Republicans! Are you kidding me!? You think that asshat John Boehner is going to do a damn thing for you besides make you feel like crap?

In all sincerity, I hope that Libertarians don’t get confused with the Tea Partiers. I sympathize with the Tea Party folks to a degree — limited government, free markets, etc. But they’re not true Libertarians. They want to cut some stuff (but not what counts) and they walk in lock-step with the GOP on social issues. True Libertarians would let you screw a monkey upside down while you lick a rusty spoon and ate Twinkies if you wanted to.

As Thomas Jefferson said, “If it doesn’t break my leg or pick my pocket, it’s none of my business.”

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2 thoughts on “Liberty Coming in Closer”

  1. But we need a government for some things. Roads, for example. I like having the EPA. I like the food and drug administration. There are reasons for government especially in a complex world. I am not convinced that taking government out of the equation would actually work. Nothing would be regulated and I sure don’t trust corporate america do to it.

  2. As for roads, we don’t think of roads as being anything but government owned because we’ve never known it not to be that way.

    And, government does have a place in some things — defense, the EPA is necessary (though, the EPA is so neutured at this point, it’s almost like not having an EPA at all), tax collection and a few other things.

    Generally, though, most parts of government don’t work and don’t work because of their monopolistic control. What a world we’d live in if schools were all privately owned and could tailor to students geographic sensibilities, or if hospitals were left to freely compete (with NO government interaction — not even reimbursements) in the open market to reduce costs while maintaining quality or face closing because of lack of patients — when was the last time a hospital shut down?

    Frankly, I think most things would work better without the government. Like how FedEx has a pretty good grasp on how to deliver packages cost-efficiently, unlike the Post Office.

    It’d make voting easier — we’d all get to vote with our dollars versus throwing money into a big pot that goes to crap we’d never ever care to fund in a million years.

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