Looking at Presidential Signatures

Signatures tell a lot about a person. I sign my name with a big “J” and a relatively tight “ustin” suffix. I figure this fits with my tendency to burst out of the gate on projects or tasks and trudge through until the end in a relatively tight, organized fashion.

Barack Obama’s is neat. This is his signature on the health bill. I notice that compared to other signatures of his, this one is much more “tidy” and legible:

Looking at Presidential Signatures 1

Here’s a nice rundown of all of the past President’s signatures.

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1 thought on “Looking at Presidential Signatures”

  1. It is traditional for presidents to sign bills like this with many different pens. I think he had at least 22 pens set aside to sign this bill. Then the pens are given as souvenirs to those who supported him. It makes it difficult to write fluidly when you have to stop to change your pen every few strokes. You can especially see how he broke his writing stride in the “O.”

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