Louisville Apple Store saves woman forced at gunpoint to buy iPhones

The woman, Brittany N. Carter, told police that Sarver, 32, who she knew as Greg, contacted her on Saturday for “what she thought was a date,” a Louisville Metro police report said. When he arrived at her home, he pulled out a gun and told her “she was going to do what she was told,” the report said.

Sarver forced Carter to get into a vehicle at gunpoint and go to several stores to purchase cell phones, the report said.

When she arrived at the Apple Store at Oxmoor Mall, “the victim had an opportunity to tell the clerk that she needed help,” the report said. It said the Apple Store employee, who was not named in the report, discretely called mall security who came to the the store and protected the woman while police were called.

Assuming the guy had her at gunpoint the whole time, that was a seriously ballsy move. It doesn’t say, but this could just as well been a matter of the man waiting outside in the car and the woman walked in alone and was “to do as instructed”, which is a lot less dramatic. Glad she’s okay, though.

Via the Courier-Journal

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