Mass iTunes De-authorization

After I bought my new iMac this weekend, I went to authorize iTunes to play my purchases and lo, I had reached my limit. Somewhere, in the universe, are 5 devices capable of playing my iTunes music. I’m aware that my previous iMac could, as can my MacBook Air. iPads and iOS devices don’t count. That means they’re three machines I either didn’t de-authorize or plain forgot existed. I figure one is my old work PC, and probably the PC before that from years ago when I worked at the Washington County Historical Society.

Turns out, you can do a mass de-authorization of all your hardware from your iTunes account. You can only do it once every 12 months and only if you’ve reached your 5-device limit. Here’s the support document detailing how:

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  1. This is why I don’t buy or use DRM-laden music or devices. It is defective by design. In return for actually paying for content you receive a crippled product which is inferior to restriction-free pirated content. (Note: I am not advocating privacy, just stating that pirated content is not encumbered by Digital Restriction Management which locks you out of the media content you bought.)

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